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"Painful experiences can be integrated as lessons learned. All good experiences belong to us as resources with which we can create our future."


Nancy K Montagna PHD trained first in psychodynamic psychotherapy, then Gestalt, Core-Energetics (which integrates physical, emotional and spiritual approaches), cognitive therapy, emotional intelligence, and brief therapies such as hypnosis, EMDR, and NLP. In 2002, she trained with Martin Seligman, noted researcher and author, in applying the results of research in Positive Psychology, the study of what makes people happy, resilient, and good. She has been studying how our relationship patterns are established early in life and how these early imprints can be changed toward a secure sense of autonomy and belonging. She has been interested in anything that is effective, regardless of theoretical background.

The most recent breakthrough in emotional healing is a therapy method called Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or A.R.T. The Department of Defense discovered it in 2010 and immediately launched large scale trials. The results were wonderful! Most soldiers, whether suffering from PTSD or depression, had their therapy completed in 3 sessions or less. Nancy has found that her own clients have made similar rapid changes. Working in this way there is little pain, right in the beginning, and the relief follows quickly. "It's the best tool I have found for relief of suffering!" She has become an advanced practitioner of this method and will be training others in the near future.

More broadly, Nancy is interested in increasing life satisfaction. The mental health professions have learned much about the optimal care and functioning of human beings, and how relationships can be happy and productive. Research has demonstrated that there are skills and attitudes that can be learned leading to greater success and satisfaction. Part of Dr. Montagna's mission, as psychotherapist and as trainer is to pass on this knowledge through a process of positive discovery.

In 2002, with Robin Carnes, MBA, Dr. Montagna founded Pathways to Happiness ~ Learning, not Luck, a research-based program for making people happier. Happiness as:

  1. Pleasure and Positive feelings, certainly, but just as important are
  2. Passionate engagement
  3. A sense of Purpose, and
  4. Presence, through practice of mindfulness

(All are expressed as P's to help you remember them.) Pathways to Happiness provides participants with a sequence of classes guiding participants to increase happiness in all four areas.

Dr. Montagna has been Volunteer Coordinator of the Helping Hands Craft Sale, a project that raised funds for empowering hungry and homeless people. She volunteers as consulting psychologist with International Partners (IP) , a group that seeks to connect American resources of money and expertise with the needs of people in third world countries. IP seeks out the unsung Mother Theresa's of the world in order to provide assistance. Dr. Montagna's particular focus within IP has been to train leaders in a program that is effective with domestic violence offenders . She is a member of the Washington Ethical Society and is certified to perform weddings, naming ceremonies , and memorial services on their behalf.

Dr. Montagna has been married for more than 40 years and is the mother of two adults. She enjoys hiking, dancing, yoga, gardening, singing, improvisation, and, especially, the beauty of nature. She is interested in health, in prehistory, and in ancient history. She is over 65 years old, appears much younger, and says, each year so far "life keeps getting better!"

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